“Travelling Images:” Impressions from Zurich, 2017

The following images have been taken at the workshop “Travelling Images: Circulating Photographs, Objects, Knowledge,” between the 12th and 14th of October 2017 in Zurich: in attendance were both international guests and scholars as well as doctoral and postdoctoral candidates of the University of Zurich. The workshop was intended as a platform for analysing travelling images in their geographical, historical, and inter-medial sphere. Though speakers’ topics varied greatly in terms of their research materials’ historical, geographical and political contexts, what connected these talks were the same recurring questions about the circulation of photographs.

Speakers presented their newest findings from archives all over the world. The discussions that followed their talks provided both speakers and participants not only insight into individual photo-historical topics and historical contexts, but furthermore enabled open discussions about new and alternative methods on how to examine these images from Japan, Indonesia, China, and other regions of the globe. The circulation of photographs as material objects has already been much researched so far, but in this workshop the topic was developed further in regard to the photo objects’ reception history, representational space, and the contested relationship between travelling images and travelling bodies.

The images show the speakers and participants at the University of Zurich and at their visit to the Johann Jacobs Museum.




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